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Festive Decor & Illumination


TMCC is one of South Africa’s leading specialists in shopping centre decor and outdoor illumination – with over 20 years experience in the décor and design industry; ensuring your location, venue or event looks world-class.

Our décor specialties include all mainstream holidays as well as sidewalk sales, exhibitions and shopping centre promotions.

After launching independent careers in the shopping décor industry in 1988, Jan and Johan joined forces to form Display House. It was Display House that built the foundation for professional decor services in South Africa during the nineties and they were the first to import display quality products at a time where Christmas decor in South Africa consisted mainly of tinsel, polystyrene and glitter.

In 2009, this South African leading décor company was rebranded as The Magic Christmas Co. and in 2011 shortened to its acronym; TMCC.

To find out more contact us today,and we’ll be glad to come & show you how to light up your venue!